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About Cologuard®

What is Cologuard?

How does Cologuard work?

How effective is Cologuard?

Can Cologuard detect polyps?

Who is Cologuard for?

Getting, using, and returning a Cologuard kit

How do I get a Cologuard kit?

How do I use a Cologuard kit?

How do I return a Cologuard kit?

I received my Cologuard kit a while ago and haven’t used it yet. How long is it good for?

How will I know if my stool sample is “normal”?

I received a Cologuard kit, but I made a mistake collecting my sample. What should I do?

I received a Cologuard kit but it is damaged or missing a part. What should I do?

Results & insurance

When will I get my screening results?

What does a positive or negative result mean?

Is Cologuard covered by insurance?

How do I pay a Cologuard bill?

Additional questions

What are the CPT, HCPS, Tax ID, and NPI for Cologuard?

Is Cologuard available in all US states?

Is Cologuard FDA approved?

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