Screening with Cologuard is easy, for your patients and your practice

After you order Cologuard, the collection kit is shipped directly to your patient’s home

Cologuard kit

Patients use the noninvasive test, which does not require special preparation, dietary or medical changes, sedation, or time off from work


The kit is then picked up by UPS or dropped off at a UPS store. Once our lab receives it, the sample is tested as soon as possible, usually within 2 weeks. Your office will receive the results shortly thereafter

Define results

Patients should not provide a sample for Cologuard if they have diarrhea or if they have blood in their urine or stool (eg, from bleeding hemorrhoids, bleeding cuts or wounds on their hands, rectal bleeding, or menstruation). The risks related to using the Cologuard Collection Kit are low, with no serious adverse events reported among people in a clinical trial. Patients should be careful when opening and closing the lids to avoid the risk of hand strain.1