1 in 3 adults remains unscreened with currently available strategies

30M+ adults 50-75 years of age not current with screening2,3
1 out of 3

That’s nearly 1 in 32

50K deaths per year due to colorectal cancer4

Presenting Cologuard

Colorectal cancer screening that’s built for both high sensitivity and high compliance.

high sensitivity + high compliance

92% sensitivity in detecting colorectal cancers, stages I-IV*5

87% specificity overall, excluding colorectal cancer and advanced adenomas‡5

68% compliance with Cologuard

88% of patients were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their testing experience6

See the science behind how Cologuard's proprietary stool DNA technology detects 92% of colorectal cancers stages I-IV with 87% specificity.5

More about sensitivity

Learn more about Cologuard's built-in Patient Compliance Program, which helps get more people screened.

More about compliance

*Cologuard sensitivity, per stage of cancer: I: 90% (n = 29); II: 100% (n = 21); III: 90% (n = 10); IV: 75% (n = 4).4

Internal data. Exact Sciences Laboratories. Cologuard's compliance rate represents the cumulative completed tests from kits shipped to patients during the six-month period ending 12 months prior to the end of the most recent quarter reported, excluding program orders.

Cologuard specificity: 87% overall specificity excluding colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma; and including all nonadvanced adenomas, non-neoplastic findings, and negative results on colonoscopy. 90% specificity in participants with no lesions biopsied on colonoscopy.4

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